Streets of Stalingrad 4

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Streets of Stalingrad 4 is a multi-player, company-level boardgame about the German 1942 Fall offensive to take the city of Stalingrad street-by-street, block-by-block. It includes many two-player scenarios and new aviation and river crossing components. The original SOS was published in 1979 followed by two more editions, the last one in 2002. It is considered one of the all-time classic wargames. This fourth edition is a major graphic redesign and game expansion by Lombardy Studios and 626 Designs. SOS4 includes the latest historical information and orders-of-battle based on never-before-seen Soviet archival records and images. A Kickstarter for playtest kits is scheduled for June 2017; the full monster game Kickstarter will launch in September 2017 and run during the 75th anniversary of the battle. Read more by clicking the panels below.

* Game Scale: company/platoon * Hex scale: 300 meters * 1 day/night turn * 13 counter sheets
* 8 scenarios + campaign game * 12 scenario sheets * 5 scenario setup sheets * 1 Rules book
* 1 Examples of Play book * 1 Historical Commentary book * Terrain Quick Reference booklet

Major revision of the map graphics and expansion of the map from earlier versions. Including the Volga River's sandbar islands and East Bank. 3 Maps 35" x 60" (total size 102" x 60).
This project was created with AutoCAD (85%) and Photoshop (15%).

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Colorized 1942 German reconnaissance photos with vector digitization of factories, buildings, topography, railroads and road networks. (10) Height 102.0 Mamayev Kurgan mound

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Historical buildings and locations ~ (27) Former steam mill "Turkina", (28) "Shanghai" restaurant,
(29) Kholzunov Statue, (39) Central Department Store "TsUM", (40) Fallen Heroes Square,
(41) German He-111 bomber [G1+AP] shot down in the to Don River bend area, on display throughout the battle, (42) Central Post Office, (43) "Stalingrad Pravda" print & publishing house

The map folds are strategically placed and each sheet can be folded to the minimal size for most scenario requirements. Alternatively, you can back-fold and add a few more map printed charts. The game comes with a complete set of hand-held aids, charts and tables.

Major revision to counters (playing pieces) with a new streamlined color coding system to aid in sorting and regimental/battalion unit integrity rules. In addition, all counters are marked with correct 1942 Soviet and German units order-of-battle symbology. For those who prefer NATO symbols, on the bottom of each counter is a reference line to help identify the unit types.

SOS4 includes a major expansion of the air units and their mission types, including: the German air force now has aerial Volga River mining capabilities to interdict Soviet supplies and reinforcements; and the Henschel Hs-129 ground attack aircraft that was operational in the Stalingrad sector during August and September 1942.

Numerous playing charts, tables, rules and examples, including the new Terrain Quick Reference Booklet. No need to lift a row of counters to see the terrain or line-of-sight.

One new enhancement to SOS4 is the Soviet riverine forces, including the Volga River Military Flotilla, the Lower Volga River Steamship Company and the Volgatanker Company. For the expansion of these new units, the play system (rules) and map now extends past the Eastern edge of the Volga River, and you as the Soviet player will have to form convoys to move men and materiel running the German gauntlet of aerial attacks, artillery and riverine mines.

New research from German Bundesarchiv.

369 Croatian Reinforced Infantry Regiment - Commander Colonel Pavičić

This Regiment was the only non-German unit to participate in the attack in the city of Stalingrad and ultimately it would be involved in the heavy fighting in the Red October Factory.

New research from Russian Federation archives (TsAMO).

Stalingrad Military-Political School Regiment - Commander Major Kostanyan

This institute prepared cadets as political army officers (commissars). Committed to combat on 2 September 1942, seven days later because of losses the remnants were incorporated into the 6th Guards Tank Brigade.

  • 14 Panzer Division
    103 Panzergrenadier Regt.
    I Battalion

    Motorized Infantry Company

  • Separate Naval Rifle Battalion Stalingrad Front Volga Military Flotilla

    HMG Company

  • 29 Motorized Infantry Division
    29 Motorcycle Infantry Battalion

    Motorcycle Infantry Company

  • 10 NKVD Rifle Division
    282 Rifle Regiment
    1 Battalion

    Rifle Company

  • 295 Infantry Division
    517 Infantry Regiment
    III Battalion

    Leader Warnecke

  • 13 Guards Rifle Division
    39 Guards Rifle Regiment

    SMG Company

  • 100 Jäger Division
    54 Jäger Regiment
    II Battalion

    HMG Company

  • 52 Machine Gun-Artillery Battalion

    HMG Company

  • 670 Anti-Tank Battalion

    Anti-Tank Company

  • Chuikov

    Commander 62 Army

  • 177 Assault Gun Battalion

    Assault Gun Platoon

  • 92 Rifle Brigade
    SMG Battalion

    SMG Company

  • "Red October Factory"
    Militia Battalion

    Militia Company

  • 131 Rifle Division
    593 Rifle Regiment
    1 Battalion

    Rifle Company

  • 50 Panzer Pioneer Battalion
    (22 Panzer Division)

    Motorized Pioneer Company

  • 28 Tank-Destroyer Dog Detachment

    (62 Army Command)

  • Higher Artillery Command
    310 (HArko 310)

    Observation Post


  • SS-Division (Mot.) "LAH"

    Kampfgruppe "Wisch"

  • 154 Naval Rifle Brigade

  • SS-Division (Mot.) "Viking"

    Kampfgruppe "Schoz"

  • 15 Guards Rifle Division

  • 22 Air-landing Division

    Kampfgruppe "Baethmann"


  • "Pender" UK

    Crownfunding backer

  • "Delova" Russia Federation

    Crownfunding backer

  • "Van Etten" USA

    Crownfunding backer


  • Panzer III platoon

  • KV-1 tank platoon

  • Assault Gun platoon

  • T-34 tank platoon

  • sIG-33B (experimental)
    Assault infantry gun platoon


June 2, 2017


Streets of Stalingrad1142017 Copyright
Lombardy Studios and 626 Designs, LLC.

Designed by
Dana Lombardy - Lombardy Studios 31
David Parham 2
Russell Schulke - 626 Designs, LLC. 12



Winner 1980
Charles S. Roberts
Best Initial Release

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